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Who We Are

The Foundation for Development of Minority Physicians is a non-profit organization that aims to increase the number of underrepresented minorities in the medical field. We provide resources and support for minority students pursuing careers in medicine, as well as advocate for diversity and inclusion in the healthcare industry.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission and vision of the Foundation for the Development of Minority Physicians (FDMP) is to promote a transformative educational learning experience for students in middle school through medical fellowship as they pursue a medical doctorate and or allied medical degree. FDMP aims to help students reach their highest possible level of academic achievement through strategic expert resources and involvement.

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Our Vision

Through transformative interactive engagement tools, educational learning, and innovative programs inclusive of students, parents and caregivers, we will help develop the next generation of global minority physicians and healthcare leaders. FDMP understands the impact of students’ emotional mindset, social, and physical well-being on success, and therefore endeavors to have a holistic impact on their journey.  In this ever changing world, the Foundation for the Development of Minority Physicians will promote critical thinking, educational (clinical) excellence, compassion, and integrity as we prepare students to excel in diverse global environments. 


These experiences for students will encourage, support and inspire them and their families hopefully to feel prepared and hopeful to pursue careers in the medical field.

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